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Business Models move forward in the 2016 StartUp Cup competition

Cupertino, CA – We have selected the business models that will move forward in the

2016 Silicon Valley StartUp Cup Business Model Competition. One of them will win first

place and all will receive priceless advice from local coaches and judges throughout the


“Our coaches enabled us to see the many different ways we could use our business

model. Today we are able to take our model into discussions about our marketing

strategy, about out pricing, about our software architecture, and make it a living viable

tool to market our business.” Nancy McKereghan, Tangerine+, 1st Place Winner, 2013

Silicon Valley StartUp Cup and 2016 StartUp Cup Judge.

The first step is for the entrepreneurs to take part in an Extreme Build-A-Business

Workshop given by Sean Griffin, Founder and CEO of StartUp Cup. Sean is in Silicon

Valley the week of June 20th to participate in the 2016 Global Entrepreneur Summit at

Stanford, sponsored by President Barack Obama. We are very fortunate that Sean was

able to set aside time to work with the entrepreneurs selected to be a part of our 2016

StartUp Cup Competition.

The entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to work with pitch coaches in July and in

September each of them will give a five-minute pitch on their business model to a panel

of judges. The judges will then identify the seven finalists. They will have an opportunity

to meet with our coaches who will offer resources and expertise to help them polish

their business models and pitching techniques for the final round of judging in October.

In the Final Round of judging, the seven finalists will compete for first place, which will

be announced during Global Entrepreneur Week (GEW) on November 16th at an Award

Ceremony and Celebration held at Quinland Community Center in Cupertino. The

Silicon Valley StartUp Business Model Competition is a featured event of GEW.