Winners of the 2015 StartUp Cup Business Model Competition Announced

Cupertino, CA – The top three winning business models have been announced from those who first submitted their business model ideas to the Silicon Valley StartUp Cup Business Model Competition in April.

The First Place Winner is AkwaMag, PBC

AkwaMag’s products soften water at half the cost of traditional salt softeners, generate no harmful waste, and require zero maintenance. We perfected manufacturing and shipped products across the US with great feedback. Our products are available for purchase at

The Second Place Winner SoundFit, LLC

SoundFit sells an affordable, high precision, easy to use desktop 3D scanning service. The SugarCube 3D scanner creates printable 3D models that manufacturers use to create custom fit ear tips for music headsets, BlueTooth devices, hearing aids, and custom hearing protection.

The Third Place Winner is PlayCause

PlayCause empowers athletes to give back to the causes and communities that matter to them. Through our mobile and web platform, athletes solicit donations based on the stats they earn in games. Play for more with PlayCause.


This was the forth year for the Silicon Valley StartUp Cup, part of a growing global network of StartUp Cup Business Model Competitions.

“Working with these entrepreneurs has not only been a great pleasure, it has been an extremely satisfying and rewarding experience to see that growth that has taken place over a 7-month period.”

Alice Fenton, Organizer Silicon Valley StartUp Competition

The StartUp Cup Business Model Competition process was born in Silicon Valley and proven in Tulsa, Oklahoma over the past seven years. The competition has been fine-tuned based upon feedback from participating entrepreneurs, judges, coaches, entrepreneurial services providers, and community leaders.

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The Silicon Valley StartUp Cup Business Model Competition is sponsored by:

City of Cupertino, County of Santa Clara, Erik’s DeliCafe of Cupertino, Heritage Bank of Commerce, KT Urban, Pacific Workplaces, and The Hills of Vallco