Launching a new business? Or, do you want to take an existing business to the next level? Silicon Valley StartUp Cup is what you have been looking for. It’s not an easy process. However, for those that are serious about growing a business, it’s worth it.  Look for announcements of Build a Business Workshops in July and August.


What’s in it for me?

The Silicon Valley StartUp Cup Business Model Competition coming Spring 2019

For anyone with a great idea for a business that they would like to turn into reality OR for anyone with a business that is 5 years old or less.

• Work with some of Silicon Valley’s top business leaders.

• Learn how to create a viable business model

• Understand the keys to building a successful business model

• Learn how to pitch your business idea


Meet Our 2017 Silicon Valley StartUp Cup Winners
  • FIRST PLACE: Charlotte Truffles

  • SECOND PLACE: Blooms Prive

  • THIRD PLACE: ParkStash, Inc.

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We’re really grateful for the coaches, they introduced us to many valuable connections.

The judges were excited and smiling and gave me confidence in my ability to present my company positively.

We have had great coaching from Nancy and John. They have met with us enough to have a deeper understanding of our product and to really give us useful advice.

Negative feedback from coaches is the best, it tells you what to do to make your presentation better.

Coaching has been incredible. We think the whole process of competing in StartUp Cup has been valuable. At times it feels like being shot out of a canon because we’ve been forced to take a hard look at our business. Coaching has impacted our goals and made us focus on our vision and our customers.

Coaching has helped us isolate the areas we need to work on, position our product to be more effective. They’ve helped us look at the steps we need to take to get to our goals.

We’re a totally different company after coaching with a whole new business model. The coaching was amazing and we only had an hour so far. Imagine what more coaching will do!

Coaching has pivoted our strategy completely. We are now focusing on our core competencies.

Even when we present we’re getting coached. This whole process has been a great learning experience.

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