The Silicon Valley StartUp Cup Business Model Competition 2018 Kick Off Event

Thursday, May 3, 2018
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Quinlan Community Center Social Room
10185 N. Stelling Road
Cupertino, CA 95014

Thursday, May 3rd is the 2018 Entrepreneurial Networking Event for the Silicon Valley StartUp Cup Business Model Competition. Share the excitement and learn more about the competition, as well as meeting the team behind it.

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The Take Away
  • Learn how to win the Silicon Valley StartUp Cup

  • Engage with StartUp Cup Judges and Coaches

  • Hear about the StartUp Cup Process

  • Connect With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs From Your Community (There is no need to feel alone or isolated as an entrepreneur)

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset & Visual Thinking. Building Your Foundation for Business Success

Understanding how to transform ideas and opportunities into a successful business is what makes entrepreneurs so powerful. You will learn how to apply the thinking, habits, behaviors, and essential characteristics that will support you to build your successful business.

Designing Your Business Model & Building Your Business

Accelerate your new business to market, engage customers, and grow revenue through the development of your business model and action plan. You will be coached through the Business Model Scorecard, a self guided visual thinking tool, specifically designed to guide you through the universals of designing a viable business model.

Building Your Core Team, Strategic Partners, & Advisor Network

Nothing of greatness is ever created without a team! Understand and learn the essentials of how to create, enroll and motivate a team around your vision. You will learn how to collect people to support building your core startup team, strategic partners, and advisor network.

Bootstrapping Your StartUp – Cash Flow & Funding

With only 2% of startups getting funding you need to find creative methods to get the financial resources necessary to grow your new company. Our coaches will work with you to focus on increasing cash flow, maximizing your resources, identifying create ways to raise money, crowd funding, friends, family, and fools. We focus on asking how little money you need to get your company revenue growing versus how much money you need.